How do I choose the best mini fridge?

This website is created for those who are interested in finding the best mini fridge for their needs, budget and best interest.

Finding the right mini fridge that is both functional and cost effective can be a bit of a challenge for some. Most people typically don’t know where to begin. The objective of Cube Chill is to break down some of the most popular mini fridge designs and determine their worth.

This is the ultimate guide for determining which mini fridge is best for you

About me

I have created cube chill with the sole purpose of helping others with their buying decisions. After spending a good amount of money on mini fridges in college only to receive products that turned out to work for a few weeks only to break down soon after, I decided to start reviewing the ones that didn’t work out for me just to share with my friends at first. My friends found the reviews helpful so I decided to create this to help more people out with their buying decisions.

How I rate my fridges

I rate my fridges based on a couple of different factors as listed below. igloo mini fridge review

  • Storage space
  • Number of drawers and shelves
  • Temperature range of control
  • Temperature consistency
  • Durability
  • Design/aesthetic look
  • Overall customer satisfaction
  • Price

If you have any questions or concerns about how I rate mini fridges or if you at are interested in what I do, feel free to visit the contact me page.